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This is the official resource for players of Eastern Sun Rises 5.3!

You can download the mod from the link in the Installation Guide and Download. Please also check our latest Changelogs. For detailed lists of items and cube recipes, consult the ESR Database.

New player? Getting overwhelmed? Check out our quick Starter's Guide!

Know what you're doing? Figured out a good way of doing something? Like something you find helpful? Help others by sharing your characters in the Hall of Glory, like in the old days of Tsuru's lost Wiki.

Mod Features[]

New in Eastern Sun Rises 5.3[]

  • All melee weapons now have splash damage!
  • A number of unique items were revamped and come with new stats, fight your way to hell and discover what's new
  • Hirelings are completely reworked
  • All immunities are now gone, you an finally delve into your single element builds without being held back by those pesky immunes. In turn, all sources of -enemy resistances have been greatly reduced, but you can still stack quite a bit if you go all out
  • A number of changes were done to summons, the melee ones now do splash damage or have interesting procs

Classic Eastern Sun Features[]

There is a series of quality-of-life improvements that comes with Eastern Sun Rises, called ESRutils. This contains several plugins that enable hotkeys and chat commands for some of the more tedious operations in Eastern Sun Rises, especially the stockers and how things are put in and taken out of them.

The core features of Eastern Sun Rises revolve around hunting items and then rerolling and/or enhancing them. There are multiple systems, like crafting, forging, tinkering and d-stoning, which are covered in-depth in the Item Enhancement page. Check the database on cube recipes. There is currently only the old database (mirror), which is only mostly correct. A new database is in the works!

All Kanji runewords were reworked and crystal drops were significantly increased with version 5.2D, making it realistic to farm and trade the crystals for them within just a few days! In addition, all Kanji runes which require only one type of crystal now require only one crystals to make them, so their cost was reduced by 50%. Check out our section on Crystals and Kanji runes for more information.

In addition, many of the elite unique items were reworked by AlphA, often adding new skills to them which can be used to enhance existing builds or test completely new ones!

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